Group Booking / Buying services deals with the true belief in Group buying/Group Booking and with this we understand the power of group offer. We at Flatshoppers aim to save money of our customers and satisfy there needs. One can register in Group buying if you have a group of at least 10 people or more, this in turns help to avails guaranteed returns with discounted rates. We at help a group of people who are looking for same type of deal and our experts will negotiate up to 1000/Sq.Ft. and get the best deal available.

Buy Back Offers deals with the buyback offers which ensures guaranteed returns on the investment done by the property investors. Flatshoppers has the privilege to be tied up with all the reputed builders in all India  who offer these assured buy back options which ensures the guaranteed returns. This type of investment has satisfied most of the investors to fulfill their demand by doubling the profit (Doubling the money invested!!). Such kinds of Buy back offers are for 1 year and hence we can assure profit within one year with 18% ROI per year.

Relationship with Investors 

At Flatshoppers, Investors holds a strong stake in the success of the whole business. We have the most efficient and dedicated professionals who help in building and maintaining trustworthy Relations among all the Investors. Due to a strong relation with our esteemed Investors, Flatshoppers get these properties (Resale properties) to sale which is at discounted price. Resale properties are much lesser than the newly constructed flats, which in turns fulfills the needs of the buyers as well as the Investors to get there returns at the best price. Flatshoppers investors also help buying properties in bulk so that the interested customers get the best deal of discount on Real estate in All India.