Understanding Flatshoppers.com

How do we work?
Flatshoppers.com is a real estate on-line window tool that offers an Online platform to buy, sell or rent properties across India. Builders, land owners and landlords list their properties on Flatshoppers.com for sale or rent. Buyers choose a suitable property from the numerous listings on the site.

The Information is true on website - Flatshoppers.com believes that all the information on the website is correct. However, no warranty is made on the accuracy or reliability of the information contained here in. 

Any charges applicable
No. Its absolutely free. 


Can i buy property on Flatshoppers.com
No. You can search for properties to buy on Flatshoppers.com. Flatshoppers.com is a search portal and not a shopping portal

We accept payments in three modes. You can make an online payment, using your debit/credit cards or net banking. Or you can draw a demand draft / cheque in favour of Flatshoppers.com.